Provilan. A successful concept.

Provilan. A major opportunity.

Does your family know about Provilan? Do your friends know about Provilan? Or your business partners? Most likely not! This is exactly the great opportunity for you. An ingenious product - but little known. That's why we're looking for you. As a specialty shop. As a multiplier. As a sales manager.

Provilan. An ingenious product? Why? Provilan uses a mix of autoactive microorganisms that clean microbiologically. Without the classic chemical agents. And by the way, they also restore the natural microflora. On surfaces. on walls. In the room air. On our skin and on the skin of animals.

What convinced us? The scientific research and development of the products. The network of professionals, institutes, laboratories and scientific institutions. Tested hundreds of times in practice. Validated by veterinarians, pharmacists, professionals and customers.

Provilan. Unique products for pets and horses. Cleaning products for private or commercial use. Special solutions for agriculture or for water optimization in aquariums, fish and ornamental ponds. Naturally. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The mix of autoactive microorganisms ensures the reliable effect and the diverse applications. As a cleaner or care product. For balance or prophylaxis. To optimize industrial or drinking water. Do you see the potential? The market is waiting for you!

Provilan. We are looking for partners.